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Domestic, Commercial And Industrial Water Treatment

Water System Cleaning

Water systems can be a very complex network of pipes and plant, the majority of which we cannot visualise the state of the internal surfaces.  In many systems this leads to deposits, debris, oxidisation, bacteriological growth, biofilm and a general reduction in eth efficiency and safety of the system.

Depending on the water system, a cleaning specification and regime can be deployed to counter the risks compounded over years of neglect.

Domestic Water Disinfection

Domestic water disinfection is of particular importance as part of a planned preventative maintenance regime, new installation and when combating killer bacteria such as Legionella. Using experienced engineers and working to the latest British Standards, we will manually and chemically clean the water system, provide a full report complete with a disinfection certificate and make recommendations for system improvements.

Descaling Works

Lime scale build up on, and within, appliances and any part of a plumbing distribution system can seriously reduce efficiencies and end up costing the building occupier more than is necessary in energy costs. On larger commercial buildings located in hard water areas will accumulate scale build up on the internal surface of plate heat exchangers, boilers and calorifiers.

We chemically descale entire systems, showers and outlets to the highest standards.

A full report is supplied – containing photographic evidence of before and after the chemical cleaning.

Bsria Flushing

Pre-commission cleaning and maintenance of heating and chilled systems should form a regular part of a buildings planned maintenance regime. Over time deposits of rust, corrosion, scale and bacteria can build up to an extent that the closed system will not operative to its optimum efficiency putting stress on systems pumps, boilers and chillers that will try and achieve unattainable outputs.

The BSRIA guidance G29/2012 provides the latest guidance on pre-commission cleaning reflecting new British and European standards. Thorough pre-commission cleaning continues to be important with the adoption of energy efficient controls strategies that may result in low flow rates.

We work in accordance with the BSRIA guidance and British Standards using trained and skilled engineers. A full BSRIA reporting suite is available to our customers who, over the years, stick with us time and time again as a proven and consistent service provider that delivers excellent results.