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Domestic, Commercial And Industrial Air Compliance


We offer a large range of maintenance services related to ventilation systems large and small. Examples of the types of maintenance activities carried out are detailed below.

Air Sampling & Analysis

Ventilations systems within the built environment, if not carefully maintained, can be the source of airborne fungi, spores, gases and dust particulate. Using specialist sampling and monitoring equipment, we can determine the levels of many different variables.

Examples are as follows and not limited to:

Carbon dioxides, Carbon monoxides, bacteriological swabs and analysis, TVC’s, Spores and fungi, nitrous gases, dust particulate, air flow rates, temperature, humidity.

Fire Damper Testing

Fire dampers need to be surveyed and the emergency close mechanisms tested annually to ensure compliance with the fire regulations. We provide a full survey, test and repair service that includes a report and photographic evidence.

Filter Changes

Filters with ventilation systems are often forgotten about and left to accumulate dust particles, humidity and eventually produce fungi and spores which are a health risk if they are carried through the ventilation system and exposed to individuals.

Filters range in size and type and can be ordered via our technical sales desk.