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Domestic, Commercial And Industrial Air Compliance

Ventilation System Cleaning

Using the latest cleaning techniques and equipment, ACP provide a full deep clean service of ventilation systems in the built environment that ranges from kitchen and laundry equipment through to very large commercial and industrial systems.

Works are carried out in accordance with TR/19: Internal Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems, published by the B&ES.

Kitchen Canopy Cleaning

Canopy cleaning is a crucial requirement for health and safety conscious managers who want to minimise the risk of fires in extract systems.

Grease laden air extracted from certain cooking processes can cause fatty deposits to build up through the kitchen extract system. These deposits can solidify when cool but quickly warm up during subsequent use of the cooking equipment, they can become highly flammable and actually ignite, assisted by the draw of the fan. There have been many reported incidents of these fires, some with serious consequences.

Essentially the fire regulations require that cooking extract systems are inspected, at least annually, by a competent person, to ensure they are in a safe condition.  Any build up of greasy deposits should be removed by the appropriate method immediately and the system should be certified as safe.

Kitchen Extract And Ventilation System Cleaning

The Regulatory (Fire Safety) Order 2005 makes it an offence where systems are not maintained to the extent that it presents a risk to a persons health under the circumstance of a fire caused by a poorly maintained ventilation system.

System cleaning is supported by photographic evidence, certification and reporting.

Laundry Extract Cleaning

Often overlook by facilities managers, laundry extract poses a real health and safety risk due to potential fire outbreaks from with the extract systems. It is essential the extract is cleaned thoroughly to prevent the build-up of flammable micro fibres.

Air System Cleaning

The size and complexity of air systems within building differs widely from small café in school to large industrial processing plants. Our expertise is in the capability we have built to be able to provide an unlimited cleaning service across this broad spectrum.

Using specialist cleaning apparatus and a careful selection of chemicals the high cleaning standards meet all of the legislative requirements. Safe methods of work and site based risk assessments allow us to safely use access equipment, work in confined spaces, and work at heights.

Ventilation System Sterilisation

Manually and chemically cleaning ventilation systems in many circumstances reduces risk to a level that meets only legislative demands. In health care premises particularly there is an increasing requirement to sterilise and disinfect the air systems using either portable equipment or directly installed specialist equipment.

We now have a unique range of products that can eliminate micro-organisms from the ambient air and surfaces in both critical and non-critical areas.

Up to 99% of potentially harmful viruses (0.3 microns) including MRSA, Clostridium difficile, also known as C. difficile and Influenza can be permanently removed from the built environment.

This offers a major breakthrough in Infection Control and historical problems with Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI`s)

Our technical sales team can guide and advise on a range of techniques to reduce the risk of airborne infection to acceptable levels.